Which wholesale suppliers of smocked dresses should you choose? (Part 2)

Smocked dresses now are available in many styles and smocked patterns. In the previous part, I introduced to you Babeeni- the wholesale supplier whose market is focused in the US. Today I will continue suggesting another supplier which focuses in UK market. Let’s discover!


Lewave is a brand name that specializes in smocked clothing for children. With the demand of expanding market to Euro, Lewave was established in 2013. Up to now, Lewave has already been trust partner of many distributors of baby smocked clothing from United State, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Italia, Spain, etc.

Cinderella hand smocked dress

The name “Lewave” is derived from the name of our owner’s 2 year-old daughter. So in Lewave, smocked dresses are made meticulously with high quality fabrics and threads by skillful workers. Those are just like love for little daughter in particular and children in general.

In addition, all fabric materials have been passed the rigorous test of cloth according to international standards, such as: flammability, lead content, etc. And only with minimum order of 200 pieces and affordable price, you can find Lewave easy to cooperate.

Being focused on UK market, the strength of Lewave is traditional geometric smocking dresses. Geometric patterns sometimes embroidered on the bodice or around the neck of bishop smocked dress. Let’s see some exquisite UK smocked dresses:

Blue geometric smocked bishop dress – LD 063

Geometric blue smocked dresses

Blue smocking dress with white flower and geometric smocked pattern around the neck, comfortable for girl baby when wearing.

Cute UK geometric smocked christening gown – LG 04

beautiful Christening gown

Long white embroidered christening gown, short sleeves and hand smocked pink geometric pattern on the chest, hand embroidery little pink flowers on the collar.

Are these products beautiful? If you want to see more designs in Lewave, please visit Lewave.co.uk and sign up to receive news of update designs and promotion in every months.

Now I believe that you had your own choice, didn’t you? Hope that your business with smocked dresses will become successful.

Thank you for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team.