Welcome to plaid baby smocked dresses of Babeeni! (part 1)

Nowadays, smocked dresses are famous products that babies often choose to dress at home or in special occasions such as Xmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving…

Smocked clothing for babies line includes smocked baby dresses, boys smocked clothing, smocked pajamas, smocked bubble… In that, smocked dresses for girls have many designs with cute styles for angels from 3 months to 10 years old.

DR 1730

Plaid smocked clothes line launched this month with so many beautiful styles. Firstly, Babeeni chooses plaid fabric for this line because it is high quality one with 100% cotton and nice colors such as Pink, white and yellow; Pink, orange and white… Your girls will be prominent in crowed with cute plaid smocked clothing wherever.

Babeeni focus on bishop smocked dresses with many nice smocked patterns. Mothers can choose a beautiful dress with small pumpkin, pine trees, anchors hand smocked pattern around the neck.

DR 1689

With 7 experience years workers, images on smocked panels are portrayed lively. They become more exquisite in customer’s eyes.

Thanks for attention!

I’m Bella from Babeeni team