Unique Halloween smocked dresses (Part 2)

Halloween smocked dresses always make baby girls beautiful and charming on big holiday like Halloween. In the previous part, I shared with you 2 designs in Halloween collection. Today, I will continue suggesting the rests. Let’s read!

“Trick or treat” hand smocked dress

“Trick or treat” is a customary celebration for children on Halloween. Children go in costume from house to house, asking for treats such as candy or sometimes money, with the question: “Trick or treat?” On smocked dresses, “or” is changed by a Jack O-lantern in the middle. The words: “Trick” and “Treat” are designed colorfully. All are embroidered carefully around the lime green quatrefoil smocked bishop dress with short sleeves.

Halloween lime green quatrefoil bishop dress – DR 1970

Trick or treat hand smocked bishop dress

Material: Lime green quatrefoil

Witch hand smocked dress

Witches are also the symbol of Halloween and embroidered on the bodice of smocked dresses. In this new style, you can find that there are ruffles on the front and sashes at back. Thus, you are able to make the pretty bow.

Witch and cat hand smocked dresses – DR 1974

Witch hand smocked dress for Halloween

Material: yellow plain and purple plain

Black cat hand smocked dress

Black cat always go along with witches. With the green eyes, black cat often appears at dark and threats people. In order to make Halloween smocked dresses not only mysterious but also lovely, Babeeni took yellow to be the main color. Like other smocked dresses, this style also has buttons at back for easy dressing.

Black cat hand smocked bishop dress for Halloween – DR 1969

black cat hand smocked bishop dress

Material: Yellow quatrefoil

Owl hand smocked dress

This style is smocked bishop dress and made by orange gingham fabric. But the difference is that there is geometric smocked pattern as a background for the main pattern: 3 cute owls. Each owl in the different posture of aborigines’ costumes is very unique and outstanding.

Cute geometric and owl smocked bishop dress – DR 1997

Cute owl hand smocked bishop dress

Material: orange gingham

I have suggested 4 more designs in Halloween smocked dresses. Hope that you enjoy my article. Please visit and sign up at Babeeni.com to see full collection.

Thank you for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team.