Unique Halloween smocked dresses (Part 1)

Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in a year and an inspired source for designer to make outstanding costumes. Have you chosen any Halloween clothes for your baby girls? Smocked dresses may be the wise choice. Let’s follow this blog to see some unique Halloween smocked dresses!

pumpkin and witch hat smocked dresses

On Halloween occasion, apart from pumpkin that is a traditional symbol, ghost, witch, black cat, owl and candy corn are also considered as decorative things. In Babeeni Halloween collection, they are embroidered beautifully on these following smocked dresses!

Pumpkin hand smocked dress

Pumpkin smocked pattern is varied in many postures. Pumpkin sometimes can be Jack O-lantern or a fresh pumpkin with green leaves or a pumpkin basket with a lot of candies inside… All Halloween smocked dresses are embroidered carefully. Depending on each style of the smocked dress, smocked pattern is often embroidered on the bodice or around the neck.

Beautiful pumpkin smocked knit dress for Thanksgiving – KN 126

pumpkin knit smocked dresses

Material:  Orange stripe knit fabric and orange knit fabric

Pretty pumpkin and black cat smocked bishop dress – DR 1972

pumpkin and black cat hand smocked bishop dress

Material: Yellow gingham

Candy and pumpkin basket smocked bishop dress – DR 1968

Jack O-lantern basket hand smocked bishop dress

Material: Orange quatrefoil

Pumpkin hand smocked dresses for girl – DR 1973

JAck O-lantern hand smocked dresses

Material: lime green plain and orange plain

Boo hand smocked dresses

Boo is a lovely little ghost in some cartoon movies. So he is very well known with children. Like above designs, a white Boo is combined harmoniously with orange bow and pumpkin. He also shows his happy face as innocent face of kids. With this style of smocked pattern, purple is designed as the main color of smocked dresses.

Boo hand smocked girl bishop dress -DR 1971

halloween hand smocked bishop dress with Boo

Material: Purple gingham

Pumpkin cat and pumpkin boo smocked bishop dress – DR 1978

Pumpkin Boo and black cat hand smocked bishop dress

Material: Purple gingham

I have suggested 2 style of Halloween smocked dresses that are sorted out by smocked patterns. Hope that you love them and wait for next part for more useful designs.

Thank you for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team.