Tips to choose smocked pajamas for children (Part 2)

Beautiful hand geometric smocked pajamas

After reading my previous post, you may know 2 tips to choose smocked pajamas for children and some typical smocked pajamas.  Let’s learn more about other tips in this part now!

  1.  Choose long lasting and durable smocked children pajamas

As other children clothes, smocked pajamas are available in many types with different qualities. However, it is important to pick long lasting smocked pajamas. Cotton and satin fabric are typical long lasting and durable fabrics, so the garment can last you much longer. These fabrics are lightweight and breathable materials and they will match your children’s active movement before and after sleeping.

Smocking pajamas for little baby girls – LP 006

Geometric girl hand smocked pajamas

Cute baby pajamas with exquisite hand smocking pattern on the chest and back, geometric smocked on the bottom. Buttons are at back for easy dressing.

–       Hand smocked on both front and back

  1. Choose smocked pajamas that fit and last longer that 1 season

Durable smocked pajamas will last for longer than just a season. However, to make sure that the garment fits your baby, you need to take care something. Because children grow up so fast, you may want to choose short sleeve smocked sleepwear.  So their arms won’t look awkward as they might leave behind the sleeves. You also should choose one or two inches longer button. Because you can fold and unfold them as they grow up. One size bigger pajamas are also recommended for you since your child can still fit them in the next season.

Blue flower and geometric smocked baby pajamas – LP 016

Beautiful hand geometric smocked pajamas

Lovely hand smocked pajamas for baby girls with nice geometric hand embroidered pattern on the top. Buttons at back for easy dressing

– Hand smocked both on back and front

  1. Choose the pajamas that your children are interested

Update character that your child loves or famous characters with children and choose smocked pajamas with these patterns for your child. For example, Cinderella is very famous for children now, a Cinderella smocked clothing will be a good choice for children. You can even have personalized pajamas to be worn by children by adding their name and you also can adjust size to fit your children.

For example:

Boys geometric pajamas – LP 012

Blue hand smocked boy pajamas

Lovely boys geometric smocked pajamas for baby boys with nice geometric hand embroidered pattern on the top

– Hand smocked on front only

These are 3 other tips to choose perfect smocked children clothing for your angel. In order to see more pajamas which is smocked for children, please visit our website to get our support.

Thanks for reading!

Joy from Lewave team!