Tips to choose smocked pajamas for children (Part 1)

hand smocked pajamas for boy

The quality of sleeping is very important for your children’s health, so to help ensure the quality of their health, you should invest on buying quality baby smocked clothing for sleeping. However, there are many types of children’s pajamas that are available in many colors, fabrics and pattern, which makes parents confuse when purchasing. So in this article, I will share you about how to choose smocked pajamas – one of the popular pajamas for children.

white hand smocked pajamas for girl

Choose the smocked pajamas you love

When you look for comfortable smocked pajamas, there are a number of children clothing stores that you can choose from. You can also buy kids smocked pajamas online! There are some features of smocked pajamas you need to consider when selecting pajamas for your angel as below:

  •    Durable
  •    Comfortable
  •    Safe

These features are typically present in organic kids’ smocked sleepwear or flannel pajamas because they are made of lightweight fabrics that are breathable.  After that, to entice your children to wear their pajamas more, keep in mind some following tips below:

  •    Choose your children’s favorite color
  •    Pick an interesting design that they love
  •    Let them choose the smocked pajamas with cute pattern that they love

For example:

Flower and geometric smocked pajamas for girl – LP 017

pink geometric hand smocked pajamas

Adorable hand smocking pajamas for little baby girls on night with flowers and geometric smocked pattern on the chest. Comfortable for baby sleeping.

–       Hand smocked on back and front

Boys geometric pajamas – LP 012

 LP 012

Lovely boys’ geometric smocked pajamas for baby boys with nice geometric hand embroidered pattern on the top

– Hand smocked on front only

With these tips, they will love wear the sleepwear at night.

Choose smocked pajamas that are safe for children

Because your children will wear the smocked sleepwear during sleep, these smocked clothing should be safe for their health. Because their young bodies are still susceptible to more heath complications than that of adults. To make sure that keep the following tips in mind:

  •    The garters should not be too constricting because your child would not want to feel restricted.
  •      Preferably select smocked pajamas for children with no buttons or ones with tightly sewn ones. Because some parts of pajamas can be dangerous for children (your children can swallow them). Simple smocked pajamas will be the wise choice. Let’s see some example:

Toddler pajamas with cute smocked pattern – LP 013

car hand smocked pajamas

Lovely boys smocked pajamas for baby boys with nice hand embroidered pattern on the pockets of the top

Cute flower and geometric smocked pajamas for baby – LP 018

uk smocked pajamas for girl

The best choice for little girls on night with beautiful flowers and geometric hand smocking embroidery. Buttons at back for easy dressing.

–       Hand smocked both on front and back

  •    Organic materials such as organic cotton are advised to help promote their safety.

There are other tips to choose pajamas which is smocked for children. Please wait for the next part to find other information.

Thanks for reading!

Joy from Lewave team!