Three tips on ironing baby clothing



Baby clothing is often made of 100 % cotton so they are easy to wrinkles after using. How to keep your baby clothing always straight and nice as they were new? Today I will introduce you three tips to iron baby clothes the right way and time-saving.

Tip one: You should plug in and preheat your iron before ironing anything. Be careful to check the material on the label of the clothes and set the correct material setting.  If there is no instruction on label, you should set the iron to medium low. It will protect even polyester blends from being ruined.

Tip two:  in order to protect the printed material on the front of most kids’ clothes, flip the clothing inside out. Iron clothes from the inside out, you will be able to keep the clothes from becoming shiny.

Tip three: in order to keep the clothes from sticking together, or melting, use a light touch. As long as you’re using plenty of steam, you shouldn’t need to press down on the clothes. The weight of the iron should be enough weight get rid of all the wrinkles.