Some tips to choose correct size for toddler clothing (Part 3)

toddler clothing

Baby in toddler period often grows fast and therefore, controlling baby smocked clothes to be in right size is difficult to some parents. In 2 previous parts, I give you some information to choose correct size. As promised, today, I will continue sharing some of my experiences. Let’s read!

Shirts for Toddlers

Choosing size for shirts may be easier than other items. You just need to stick to the size that is closest to their age range. The bit of stretch will mean the shirt is able to fit them even if they are a little on the larger side.

However, you should still base on measurement of toddlers before picking a item for children in the case of special occasion shirts or items such as baby sweaters in order that shirt is best for them. And you should choose shirt with a little extra room if the shirt does not have any natural stretch.

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Dresses for Toddlers

Toddler dresses offer much more flexibility than other clothing items when it comes to sizing. The biggest problem that mothers need to consider when buying dress for toddlers is the fit of the dress in the shoulders as well as the length of the dress. Don’t choose too long dress to avoid hindering babies’ movement and even make them fall. You also remember that dresses with slips and petticoats may be a little tighter, so choosing a slightly larger size may be in the child’s best interest.

Toddler sleepwear

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Choosing toddler knit sleepwear may be different from other items. Generally, sleepwear runs slightly smaller than other clothing items. You should choose sleepwear that fit snugly the child and make them feel comfortable to wear. Don’t get too big sleepwear for toddlers because they can tangle up in or stuck in an uncomfortable position. Remember that sleepwear is meant to fit close to the body to keep your angels comfortable with good sleeping.

I have shared with you some tips to choose toddler clothing in correct size. Hope that this article is useful for you!

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