Some tips to choose correct size for toddler clothing (Part 1)

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As you know, children grow so fast, especially during their toddler years. Smocked clothes that were too large one week might already be too small for them in another month. So, choosing the correct size for toddler clothing is very important for parents. It might seem simple but there are still some basic things you need to keep in mind when buying toddler clothing. Let’s read and find more useful information in this article!

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Understanding toddler clothing sizes

Toddler clothing differs children’s clothing that is marked by number, toddler clothing is denoted by addition of a T next to the number and based on the child’s age in years. For example, size 2T, 3T, and 4T indicate that the clothing is meant for a two-year-old, a three-year-old, and a four-year-old, respectively.

However, toddler clothes vary in size the same as any other children. And because each toddler has different grow rate, toddler clothing size can be tricky, especially when child is a little bit bigger or taller than other children with the same age. Therefore, it is important for parents to make clear the rough size of toddler clothing as well as their child’s measurements before purchasing toddler clothes.

Lime green frog hand smocked onesie

In the case of babies who are a little bit large for their age, it may be necessary to move up to children’s sizes sooner than the size guidelines might suggest.

Determining the Right Size to Choose

It is important to remember that different items of baby smocked clothing may need to be different sizes, especially if the child has different proportions from other toddler at the same age. Ordinarily, parents choose toddler clothing that is fitting their child at present to determine the size that will be right for them. However, it is not actually true. There are also some basic differences in clothing for boys and girls that parents need to be aware of when purchasing toddler clothing.

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Boys tend to grow faster than baby girls, so they are taller and bigger than girls at the same age, so parent need to choose the toddler clothing up to fit properly. And the arms and legs of boys may be longer, so when choosing size for them, parents need to pay more attention to that.

I have shared with you some information about size of clothes for toddlers. Let’s wait for the next part to find more useful information in choosing size of toddler’s clothing!

Thanks for reading!