Some mistakes when storing hand smocked clothing (Part 2)

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In the previous part, I shared 2 first tips in order for keeping hand smocked clothing away from being smell terribly and mildew. Today, as I promised, I will share the rest tips. Let’s read now!

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  • Put them in plastic bag or cardboard box

A lot of people think that they keep girl smocked dresses or boy smocked shortalls in plastic bags or cardboard boxes is safe enough for storing until next year. It will only be right in short term. With such a long period of time like from this summer to next summer, you should rethink and prepare other faculties, such as a plastic container with a lid. Plastic container is so hard and thick that no one can beat it. Otherwise, plastic bag can trap moisture and cause mildew to form or cause the yellowing of fabrics. And using cardboard box cannot protect even knit baby smocked clothing against some vermin such as rats, mice or cockroaches… They are easy to chew through the box as it is also soft and easy to be torn.

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  • Use mothball

Mothball is often used for getting almost kinds of insects or rodents… But it not only makes smocked clothes smell terrible, but totally poses a poisonous danger for children or pets. You could find that a lot of newspaper talking about how dangerous when using mothballs. Instead, you can buy a much more awesome alternative which is the natural wooden cedar balls. It will both leaves a better smell and repels insects or vermin even more effectively if you use in conjunction with my above tips.

Or you also could have desiccants which are used as drying agents. Although this kind does not have advantage of repelling insects, it has not any smell.

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Finally remember that when using either mothballs or wooden camphor or desiccants, you should make sure that they are set on the top of storage container instead of placing on the garments directly, especially smocked clothing for baby.

Smocked clothing for children should be stored carefully as your kid could use it for a long time. Hope that you find my article useful and you will apply my tips successfully.

Thank you for reading!