Some mistakes when storing hand smocked clothing (Part 1)

Reindeer hand smocked dress for Christmas

Hand smocked clothing is “one of a kind” gift for children. When warm seasons have gone, some smocked yoke dresses or smocked shortalls should be packed. Many mothers still make mistakes although they followed basic steps. Today, I will share the most common mistakes in order for avoiding. Let’s discover!

Reindeer hand smocked dress for Christmas



  • Do not wash


Anyway, washing children smocked clothing before storing should be done. Sometimes, you may forget to wash or the clothes may be only worn for couple hours. They are still like new without any smell of sweat. In summer, kids are so active and sweating a lot. From that, bacteria could reside and proliferate quickly.  It is said that mildew and mould will appear on neckline, armpits or wrists. After a period of time, there will be stubborn stain that you will find it difficult to remove. In addition, with all clothes clean, you could wear for children right away in the next year.

Lime green frog hand smocked onesie


Drying is second step of course. This step also helps remove all moistures and reduce the risk of developing fungi.


  • Keep in wrong place


The place you are storing could cause damage for clothes. It is ideal when baby smocked clothing should be stored in conditions that do not exceed 23°C with a relatively humidity of 55%. However, many people put the pack of garment next to kitchen or bathroom or even garage. This is not a good storage since it is damp, overheating, flammable and full of vermin. Therefore, you should have personal space which is clean, dry and safe. With this place, for example garret, you even store any heirloom or expensive sentiment smocked dresses.

pumpkin smocked bishop dress

In conclusion, wherever you store smocked clothes for children, you should make sure that you have washed them already and keep them away from insect and rodents. But this part is not enough for this topic. Please wait for next part to find more interesting tips!

Thank you for reading!