Sneak peak to newest Spring Summer Collection 2014

Spring is the time when leaves and flowers start budding, butterflies begin hatching, and new love appears. It’s the season of rebirth, when the world shakes off the icy grips of winter and starts the warm-up to summer. It’s when sweet winds blow again and the day’s length starts marching back up toward solstice.

The magic of spring transforms a lot of places from cold and lifeless landscapes to vibrant environs bursting with life, but some places receive an extra shot of springtime awesomeness.

Inspired by that weather, Babeeni designers have updated a lot of new baby spring summer smocked clothes. You will have many choices to choose your baby the nicest clothing.

You can choose the one which is suitable for your children hobby. There are various patterns for option you can see below.

Owls, ladybugs, elephants, frogs hand smocked pattern for children love animals.

DR 1607DR 1609


Strawberry, apple, palm tree, daisy flower hand embroidery for babies who like nature.

DR 1547DR 1551

If you don’t like our available designs, you can send us your ideas and we will help you make your ideas into real products. So wonderful? Moreover, there are a lot of fabrics so you can easily choose the one which you like best. We have approximately one hundred fabric types shown on website, click here to see.

In short time I only show you a few designs of Spring and Summer collection. If you really like our products, please visit our website for more details. And here are some our contact information if you want more support. You can email us at address or call +84-4-3668 6011 (8 lines). We will support you as soon as possible. Thanks for your attention. See you next blog.