Little story about Mid Autumn festival in Vietnam


Some Halloween smocked clothing, candies, moon cakes, lanterns are features of Mid Autumn festival in Vietnam. Today, I will tell you some interesting things about this exciting festival!

Mid Autumn Festival is a special festival which is dedicated to children in some Asian countries in general and in Vietnam in particular. Mid Autumn is held on 15th in the 8th month of the lunar calendar. But right from the beginning of the month, preparation with bustling atmosphere begins.

On these days, children will be given gifts such as candies, cakes and star-shaped lanterns. With the most beautiful children clothing, they will pick up their beautiful lanterns to march around the streets in the towns. They will see either lion dances or musical concert performances. Almost children prefer watching the lion dances and follow them everywhere. Some children would bring a small torch made of an oil-soaked rag to burn. And others would bring clarinets and drums to make the festival more boisterous and fun.

Lion dance in Mid autumn

In fact, Mid Autumn derives from a legend about the Moon and a boy. On middle of the month, the moon is brightest and people often see a banyan tree and a boy sitting under that tree on the moon. The moon is called Sister Moon and the boy is called Cuoi.

This festival is also somehow similar to Halloween festival.  On the street, they sell some masks, some Halloween costumes for children in order for them to transform into princess, prince, ghost, animal… But the difference is in Vietnam, smocked clothing for children is not popular like in the US and Europe.


Additionally, this is an occasion when many people could express their love through cake presents with another. This is called moon cake which is a special kind of cake made only for the mid-autumn festival. There are many kinds of cakes such as soft cake and baked cake; inside the cake people could insert one or two salted egg yolks, variety nut cakes, lotus paste cake, etc with mashed green bean, red bean, taro…. The Mid-autumn cakes have sweet fragrance and taste delicious. Almost Vietnamese people love the Mid-autumn cakes and buy them for their families.

moon cake

The Mid Autumn festival has become a traditional festival in Vietnam. It is a part of the Vietnamese culture. Anyone growing up in Vietnam will never forget costumes just like smocked clothes for Halloween, special performances, flavors of moon cakes…which are contributed to festival’s atmosphere.

Thank you for reading!

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