How to store baby clothes effectively?

Baby Clothes storage is a big topic. Some clothes need to be stored by function, some by season and some by size, then some clothing items that need to be stored in a specific way.  Below professional organizer Juli Oliver, founder of Organize NY of New York City provides her best clothes storage tips.

Storing jeans.

Image 1: Elastic waist pants for boys

When storing jeans, try storing them by hem length and then label the drawer or shelf: ankle length, regular length (to wear with wedges or 2” heels) and long–just like they do in stores.  This is especially helpful if you have a really large jean collection.  If you have the room then hang jeans and pants on pant hangers. Not only do they look neat, don’t get wrinkled and they are easy to find to see of course. If you don’t have enough hanging space then I recommend folding them with the back end pockets facing up so it’s easier to identify the style.

Small closet.

Image 2: Adorable party dress

Store your season clothes by four seasons instead of two. This may be a head scratcher if you live in say, Southern California or Bali, but even if you’re in a year-round warm climate, you can probably separate clothes you will wear in the fall but not in the spring.

Separate folded clothing.

I like to roll tank tops, layering shirts and workout clothing- takes up less room and when rolled, they are much less wrinkled. Having square and rectangular open bins to contain items like t-shirts, tanks, socks etc. not only looks organized, but offers easy access.