How to select children clothes (part 1)

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Children clothes sometimes make mother confused when choosing. Today, I will suggest you some useful tips to be smart mothers in choosing baby clothes. Let’s read and discover more useful information!

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Which material?

Please choose cotton or linen fabrics. Linen is also a very good material for the hot season. Cotton or linen is the most suitable material for your baby’s sensitive skin because it is a good sweat absorbent material. Absolutely not select synthetic fabric or feathers that can cause allergy or irritation to the baby’ sensitive skin.

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Which color?

Colorful colors always make your baby more lovely and funny. Do not hesitate to choose the color your child loves. But the best colors for children clothing in the summer are bright color which reflex sunshine and absorb heat less. Your baby will be adorable and cool in hot weather.

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I have just shared with you 2 tips about choosing good children clothes. Hope you enjoy and wait for next part to find more experiences!
Thank you for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team.