How to prevent children from getting flu (part 1)

With weak immune system, your little children are easily getting flu, ill and cough. If one day, supposedly your child feels tired and does not want to leave his bed, that’s surely a signal of getting flu. How do you solve this problem? I will share some following suggestions:


  1. Keep hands clean

Let your kid wash hands regularly. As soon as your kid leaves kindergarten or before he eats or after he plays outside, you should tell him to wash hands in order to form a habit of 15-20 second- scrubbing up or using a hand sanitizer. That is one of the best ways to prevent germ from spreading out in your family.


  1. Do exercise every day

Scientists indicate that regularly moderate exercise can reduce the ability of being flu and sick, possibly by boosting the circulation of infection-fighting cells. In the morning, parents ought to do some exercises first and then guide children with slight movement for 15 minutes.


  1. Get plenty of sleep

Depending on ages, each child has different sleeping demands. A child from newborn to 2 months of age can sleep up to 20 hours per day, 6 month-baby will need about 14 hour-sleep, and decreased gradually to 12 hours per day for over 3 year- little ones. If your son lacks of sleep, his body will be easily weaker and get a cold or flu. So it’s important to make sure kids stick to an early bedtime.


Those are three first advices to prepare for little children a healthy body. In the next part, I will continue with the rest.

Hope above information will be useful for you!

Anne from Babeeni team.