How to make headband

The headband is very popular hair accessories with baby girls. It is not only useful but also ornament for girls. The headband is one of the easiest hair accessories and perfect for toddler girls. headband can help girls look more beautiful & outstanding. Girls are interesting to wear headband. Headband is pretty hair accessories for girls with short hair and long hair as well. In this text, i would like to introduce to make simple headband. They are very simple & easy to make. Before making, You should prepare some necessary things to make such as:

  • Fabrics
  • Plastic Headband
  • Hot glue
  • 1/8 inches white grosgrain ribbon
  • White thread

Firstly, You can wrap the white grosgrain ribbon around the headband. You should wrap from this point of headband to another point of headband. You should wrap carefully so that ribbon can cover all headband. Then, you put a little of hot glue on the inside bottom of plastic headband, place the end of ribbon on the hot blue and hold until it dries (about 15~ 20 seconds).

Next step, you cut two pieces of fabric 4  x 12 inches. Then, sew a ruffle lengthwise right down the middle of each piece.   

Finally, you should leave the edges raw,  you will have perfect headband for your baby girls.

Put a line of hot glue down the middle of the first ruffle and place the second ruffle right on top of that one. Now, the headband is finished.

It is really a super cute, really easy ruffled headband! You can decorated more pearls or something like that so that the headband looks more beautiful. Baby girls can wear when going to school or party. 

That is one simple headband i want to share with way to make. You can visit website: to see a lot of designs of headband or hair accessories. You can freely choose.