How to get beautiful baby smocked onesies for girl? (Part 2)

Light blue hand smocked onesie

In the previous part, I gave you 3 first tips to choose baby girl smocked onesies. Today as I promised, I will share other basic tips about pattern, style and well known brand mother could rely on. Let’s read!


To baby smocked onesies, smocked patterns are outstanding points. Being embroidered on smocked panel which is set on horizontal rectangle on the bodice, pattern could be geometry or picture of cartoon characters, etc. You could choose some funny smocked patterns like monkey is sailing banana boat for instance.

Red crab smocked onesie for baby

But overall, mother should check carefully if there is any redundant detail or that baby smocked clothing has unsecure smocked panel. It will be safer since your daughter may be obstreperous and swallow the threads by accident.

Should not choose the beauty over safety

Besides choosing exquisite smocked pattern, matching color, you should pay attention to safe factor. Complicated style may tighten up her body, too many decorations or large buttons may pose a choking hazard. And remember not to choose smocked clothing which has rhinestone or metal since they may cause some red marks or injuries on baby skin.

Lime green frog hand smocked onesie

Which prestigious brand for mother?

Established in 2007, Babeeni has experiences in producing hand smocked clothing for children, so far Babeeni has been trust partner of many distributors of baby clothing from US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

In Babeeni there are many designs of baby smocked clothing made in almost holiday themes of US. So up to now Babeeni is having over 3000 designs in total.

Moreover, Babeeni has a subsidiary which sales for retailers and start up stores. You even could buy as a retailer with wholesale price. And all products are ready to ship.

Along with part 1, now you already have basic things to purchase exquisite and safety smocked onesies for babies. In case, you want to see more designs, please visit: Hope that this article will be useful!

Thank you for reading!