How to get beautiful baby smocked onesies for girl? (Part 1)

giraffe smocked onesie for baby

Having a baby girl is one of the most wonderful things in the world. You could make her up with various beautiful smocked onesies. But how to choose for her the best appearance should be considered. Today, I will mention some tips to choose baby smocked onesies. Let’s discover!

flower hand smocked onesie

Fabric material

Firstly, you should pay attention to fabric materials. When going to store, you could directly touch smocked clothing whether it is smooth and soft. Then check the label to see what the fabric is. 100% cotton should be your priority since it is derived from natural source. Smocked garment made of cotton will be soft, nontoxic and airy against baby sensitive skin. At the same time, you may read the label instruction for proper washing.


Almost baby smocked onesies have fixed size from 3 months to 2 years. But each baby has its own body shape or measures of body. You should understand her body it means that you could get the weight and the height. Basing on these parameters, you could ask for advice or choose smocked clothing on your own.

giraffe smocked onesie for baby

In some cases, mother only use onesie for kid for one month and then the onesie is too tight to wear. Because baby in first period time (normally 6 month time) often grows as fast as wind, so you ought to choose one size larger. For example, if her current size is 3M, you could consider size 6M.


People usually say that blue for boys and pink for girls. But you do not need to apply that rule. Of course pink baby smocked clothing makes her look pretty; apart from pink color, you could choose other bright colors as long as they are suitable for your combination of baby clothes, such as: white, light blue or yellow, etc.

Light blue hand smocked onesie

Choosing fabric material, size and color is not enough for perfect smocked onesies. But in this part, I hope that you enjoy my sharing and wait for next part in order to reveal final tips!

Thank you for reading!