How to dress your kids on holiday?

On special vacation, there are a lot of choices for parents to choose Holiday clothes. However, selecting cute, suitable and safety suits for babies has never been an easy decision.

Firstly, you should select the right material. there are many kinds of new materials, each of them has private advantages but only some of them are safe for babies. You should choose the fabric 100 % cotton which is soft and safe for baby’s skin. We have special fabric for holidays such as Christmas on cream  fabric for Christmas, owls fabric for Halloween, etc.

Secondly, selecting types of clothes. You will have many choices to choose your baby the nicest clothing. If you like unique ones, you can order the smocked from us. The smocked are which have hand-made pattern embroidery around the neck or bodice. You can choose the pattern you like on our website or design pattern for yourself. Moreover, we have other products which are simpler and cheaper but so cute. They are the plain and appliquéd

DR 1574

image one: X0 hearts smocked bishop dress



image two: Pink stripe seersucker with smocked easter sheep bishop


image three: Color ful chevron peasant appliqued top for little girls

Last but not least, selecting Colors and patterns . Bright colors and smocked patterns are the best way to create holiday’s atmosphere. With clothes for special vacation like Christmas or New Year Eve, it is intelligent that parent choose smocked patterns, which is relative with that holiday. Take some examples, in the Halloween, owl and pumpkin cool kid clothes will be the good choice. In X-mas, Baby Christmas Outfit and Smocked Christmas long all with Santa Claus and Reindeer will make every member in family feel anxious for the vacation which is on its way.

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