How to deal with old sweater for baby (Part 3)

flower embroidery navy sweater for baby

Girl baby sweater is not only warm but fashionable as well. But due to machine wash, your favorite sweater of baby looks like doll sweater or adult’s sweater. Are you wondering how to solve these problems? So this article will be useful for you. In the previous parts, I share with you some basic notes when washing and 3 ways to solve shrunken sweater. Today, as promised, some solution tips will be shared in this part. Let’s discover!

Bunny applique baby sweater


No one wants to wear a wrinkled sweater both at home or going outside. So do your little ones, don’t they? To summer clothes, you just have to iron directly but that way is not applied for sweater. Do not worry, there are a lot of ways to reduce wrinkle on a wool sweater. You could use shower, steamer or iron. With steamer and shower, you turn on hot setting and gently moderate wrinkle on the sweater. With flat iron, firstly, you should turn inside out the baby smocked clothing and prepare a damp white cloth. The cloth will act as a protective barrier between the heat of iron and delicate fabric material. Place baby sweater on flat surface and gently iron with proper setting (Use steam or medium heat for wool and cashmere, and use the cool setting for acrylic).

flower embroidery navy sweater for baby


One day, you realize that baby sweater is wider than normal; it is time when the sweater might be stretched. After many time wearing, the garment is old or once you toss it in washing machine.

There are many approaches for you refer on the Internet, but in this article, I will share with you 2 typical approaches.

Firstly, you could soak the stretched part of sweater into hot water (about 80 Celsius degree). To other parts, soak them into cooler water (about 50 Celsius degree).

Secondly, you could use dryer at the hottest setting. But before using dryer to fix stretched sweater, you should soak it wet.

Both ways are helpful but do not bring complete effect. When fixing stretched sweater, you should pay attention to moderate shrinkage since under the heat, it is easy to be shrunk or wrinkle.

That is all I want to share in order for dealing with old sweater. Hope that you will be success and have your sweater for babies looked like new!

Thank you for reading!

Lacey from Babeeni hand smocked dress team.