How to deal with old sweater for baby (Part 2)

cute pink hand embroidery sweater cardigan

After several times using, baby sweater might be worn out and deformed. Being shrunk, wrinkle and stretch out is typical situation. Besides careful laundering which I mentioned in the previous part, I will continue sharing ways to deal with the one of above problems: Shrink. What else do you hesitate? Let’s read!

white cardigan sweater for baby


Cardigan sweater is not shrunk at first. This shrinkage is only appeared when you wash once or after several times. But do not worry! I will share some tips that somehow help you reduce shrinkage on your baby sweater.

Firstly, all you need to prepare are vinegar and warm water (it is about 30 Celsius degree). When washing, you should put sweater into warm water and wash gently as I mentioned in last part. Then, pour vinegar into water in the final rinse before soaking sweater into that mixture. This approach will keep the original color and elasticity. You had better to apply this way when it is new. If your sweater is old, depending on material flexibility, it might be reduced shrinkage as you can see.

After drying the sweater, you could apply another method: using hand to stretch the sweater. Grabbing the collar and hem at different points, then pull gently. Do the same way from shoulders to sleeves and hold for some seconds.

In addition, if you do not like the smell of vinegar, hair conditioner is an alternative approach. All you need are 2 spoons of conditioner and a sink of warm water. Mix them until they all dissolve completely in the water. Then, soak the sweater under that mixture for about 10 minutes. All the later steps you should do as I mentioned in washing process in part 1. The combination of the warm water, hair conditioner and cool air will unlock the wool fibers and allow you to restore the sweater.

cute pink hand embroidery sweater cardigan

Those are 3 ways in order to reduce shrinkage on your baby sweater. Hope that this article will be useful for you and somehow restore the shape of baby clothing. Please wait for final part I make sure you will find more interesting things!

Thank you for reading!

Lacey from Babeeni hand smocked dress team.