How to deal with old sweater for baby (Part 1)

flower embroidery navy sweater for baby

Despite you have just bought brand new sweater for baby or you have got old one, laundry process is performed regularly. So before dealing with old cardigan sweater, I will share with you some washing notes below!

flower embroidery navy sweater for baby


Although baby sweater is often worn in winter, children still could sweat normally. Thing to do after that is washing. Of course, you should wash by hand since washing by machine, the cardigan will definitely be stretch out. Firstly, let detergent and water be boiled until this mixture is solvent totally. You could stir for faster effect. And then pour ammonia and pine oil into the solution. Wait until the solution is cool (this point is important because hot or warm water will harm the sweater fiber) and soak the clothes into this solution within 15 minutes.

During washing, you should remember to wash gently and not use brush to remove stains. Finally rinse out with clean water as normal clothes.

cute bunny hand embroidery sweater for baby


In the end of each time you rinse out, please do not wring or twist sweater cardigan. This action will make it stretch out easily. So you cannot remove excess water as normal clothes. You could press it onto a flat surface to remove water. With wool material, in the last rinse, preparing a towel in order to absorb the water is perfect. Let the towel be on flat first and roll the sweater inside. Then wring the towel. Do it several time to make sure that baby sweater is out of excess water.


For other clothes, you could hang them on a rack or some hooks, but to wool material, you could not since the rest water will go down and make it stretch quickly. The only way you could do is letting it on flat surface in open-air place which is airy without direct sunshine.

These are some basic notes when washing sweater for baby girls. Please stay tune for next part I will share more useful things.

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