How to clean and care for kid smock clothes? (part 5)

After reading previous part of my blog, I sure that you will discover some information to clean and care for kid smock clothes including paying attention to instruction on baby clothes, choosing right detergent for kids clothes, treating stains on them, washing before dressing clothes for babies, using mesh bags to wash, fastening buttons on babies smock clothes, so on. Come to part 5 and know more tips to care kid clothing better!

7. Prevent stains on kids smock clothes

BI 02

Besides, treating stains on hand smocked clothing immediately when seeing them, another way to keep stains from forming on baby laundry is to try to prevent stains. Mothers can use smocked bibs with a plastic backing can protect kid smocked clothing from milk, food, and spit-up. Waterproof lining pads can protect linens from accidents and mishaps as well. A little prevention may help to keep those beautiful baby clothes in like new condition.

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And with 7 tips I shared above, hope that mothers can apply and bring best result in cleaning and caring for baby smock clothing.

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