How to clean and care for kid smock clothes? (part 4)

Continue reading part 4 of my blog and know more about the way to clean and care for kid smock clothes better!

5. Use mesh bags to wash baby smock clothes


Cute baby clothes are so small. Even baby smocked socks are even smaller. That is the reason why you should use mesh laundry bags to hold these smaller baby hand smocked clothing that tend to get lost or hidden during a laundry cycle. It will make it a cinch to match up socks later after they are dried.

6. Treat stains on babies smock clothing


Babies often make stubborn stains on hand smocked clothes. From spit-up milk, to baby food, to other bodily functions, stains are sure to happen on your nice new baby clothes. So you should try to treat baby stains quickly to prevent permanent damage to the kids smock clothing. Stains from milk, formula, spit-up, food, and diaper leakage on clothes should be soaked in cool water. You can use a detergent that contains enzymes to break down the proteins of stains. You can also use an all-purpose stain remover on smocked infant clothing.

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