How to clean and care for kid smock clothes? (part 3)

Come to part 3 and know more about the way to clean and care for kid smock clothes better!

3. Pay attention to instructions on baby smock clothes


Baby clothes may have special instructions that need to be followed. Especially, smocked sleepwear for babies such as smocked pajamas is treated to be flame-retardant. And bleach will remove the flame-retardant properties from the baby clothing. So you should not use on flame-retardant hand smocked clothing. With some specialty baby clothes mothers may need to be washed in cold water only, or even laid flat or hung to dry. Be sure to wash baby clothes in the correct water temperature. When you pay special attention to the instructions, you can keep baby smocked clothing in perfect shape.

4. Fasten buttons on babies smock clothing

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Before washing baby clothes, zippers, buttons, hook and loop fasteners, and snaps should all be fastened prior. It will keep these parts of the smocked clothes from snagging, tearing, or attaching themselves to the fabric. You need to take a few moments as you load the kids clothes to fasten all the fasteners so you don’t end up with a tangled mess in the end.

In next part, you will discover more information about how to clean and care child smock clothes better.

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