How to clean and care for kid smock clothes? (part 2)

Please read this part and know about how to clean and care for kid smock clothes more!

These commercial laundry detergents are usually scent and dye free, making them less likely to cause a reaction to sensitive skin as baby’s one.


If your baby does not have sensitive skin issues, mothers can use regular laundry detergent as well on baby smocked clothing. In fact, liquid detergent may be a safer product because it is rinsed away more fully in a washing machine’s cycle. Besides, powdered detergent may leave a little more residue which could cause a reaction. But mothers should be sure to use the recommended amount of laundry detergent for hand baby smock clothes. However, this can leave behind a residue that may irritate baby skin.


If mothers are unsure if your regular detergent is a good choice, you can wash 1-2 kids smock clothes with the detergent and watch for signs of a skin reaction.

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