How to care for baby hand smocked clothing? (part 3)

To add more information that help you care for baby hand smocked clothing better, please read part 3 and apply now!

In fact, formula, diaper accidents, and brightly colored baby food can be difficult stains to remove from baby clothes such as girls peasant dresses, girls smocked swimwear or boy smocked jonjon, so on. But you still should take the time to work on the stains before washing. It will improve your success rate.


If stained hand smocked clothes will sit for a while, try using a paste-type pretreatment that can sit on the fabric for up to a week. Otherwise, a spray-on stain treatment or laundry additive should handle most stains.

Removing stubborn baby clothing stains


For stains that don’t respond to basic treatment, you’ll need to take a more aggressive approach. You can find many effective ways in Babeeni’s posts. Hope that you will win in the battle with stubborn stains on hand smocked suits.

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