How to care for baby hand smocked clothing? (part 1)

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Wash baby hand smocked clothes before wearing:


With many new parents, it is unnecessary to wash baby clothes before baby wears them. While there is a fact that your baby would be seriously harmed by new, unwashed smocked kids clothing, a minor skin irritation or allergy could make them uncomfortable. Your babies are sometimes sensitive to the sizing, a finish put on new baby clothing to keep them looking nice in the store. Besides, shipping new clothes can be a messy process, so they also could be dirt, bugs or rodents.

Baby hand embroidered clothes don’t require a special detergent


There are a few extra-gentle laundry detergents on the market that are targeted toward kids clothes. But it doesn’t mean you have to use one of these special soaps for cute smocked clothing for babies. Some families alleviate the risk of skin allergies by laundering baby clothes in a dye-free, scent-free detergent. If your baby isn’t bothered by clothes washed in your family’s regular detergent, there’s no need to buy a special laundry soap just for the baby smocked clothes.

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