How many kinds of Thanksgiving smocked dresses? (Part 2)

Choosing a pretty garment for baby girl is one of funny activities on Thanksgiving occasion. And smocked dresses are surely popular items that now come into many styles. Have you got any ideas to choose Thanksgiving smocked dresses for your baby girl? In the previous part, I shared some pattern’s designs. Today, I will continue sharing some styles of dress. Hope you enjoy!

Pumpkin and scarecrow hand smocked pattern
Hand smocked pattern around neck for Thanksgiving

Bishop smocked dress

The dress that has smocked pattern embroidered around the neck is called bishop smocked dress. It is usually designed with angel sleeves and short sleeves-puff sleeves, but sometimes you can see bishop dress with sleeveless for summer and long sleeves for autumn. On the smocked pattern, threads are combined together harmoniously in order to create main symbols of Thanksgiving holiday: Pumpkin and turkey. Moreover, for easy dressing, Thanksgiving smocked dresses always have buttons at back.

Thanksgiving pumpkin smocked dress
Pumpkin hand smocked dress
Thanksgiving hand smocked dress with pumpkin and sunflower
Pumpkin and sunflower hand smocked bishop dress

Rosalina smocked dress

If bishop dress is popular in America, Rosalina dress is a traditional dress in UK. The dress has smocked pattern on the bodice called Rosalina smocked dress. But in Babeeni, on holiday occasion, smocked pattern is designed following Thanksgiving and other holiday’s theme with various shades. Like other dresses, these smocked dresses are also designed conveniently with buttons and sash at back. Also, there are short –puff sleeves and long sleeves styles for mother choosing. Your daughters may have to wear only a cardigan in transition seasons.

Pumpkin hand smocked knit dress
Knit dress with pumpkin smocked pattern on the chest
Pumpkin hand smocked dress on Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving hand smocked dress with pumpkin pattern

Yoke smocked dress

Yoke smocked dress usually has 2 straps and no layer at top. It is also called by another name: smocked sundress. With Thanksgiving yoke smocked dresses, smocked pattern is embroidered on the bodice with pumpkin, pumpkin and car or pumpkin and turkey. Typically, it is an informal or casual dress in a lightweight fabric, most commonly cotton, and usually loose fitting.

Thanksgiving pumpkin smocked sundress
Thanksgiving hand smocked yoke dress
Thanksgiving pumpkin and turkey hand smocked yoke dress
Pumpkin and turkey smocked sundress

A-line smocked dress dr 817b, 1763

If your child is a little bit chubby, a-line smocked dress will be the best clothing for her. An A-line dress that is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem, gives the impression of the shape of a capital letter A. Smocked pattern is turkey or pumpkin and embroidered on the chest beautifully. In Thanksgiving collection, smocked dresses in this style are available in both short sleeves and sleeveless.

Thanksgiving smocked a-line dress with turkey pattern
Turkey hand smocked a-line dress
Pumpkin a-line smocked denim dress
Denim hand smocked dress with Thanksgiving pumpkin pattern

I have shared with you my classification of smocked dresses for Thanksgiving in styles.

Thank you for concerning!

Anne from Babeeni team.