Hair accessories collection for your cute daughter

hair accessories

Besides lovely attires, mothers should consider adding hair accessories to make their angels more beautiful. Our Babeeni is specialized in supplying reputable and high-quality fashion products for baby girls and hair accessories are not an exception.

Hair band

Your girl will be nice like a little princess if she unties her hair then sets a hair band on. Girls with long hair will look very girly and bland if they set small hair band. To little girls that have not had much hair, they will be adorable and cherub with this type of accessories, too. Hair band is not only a beauty item but also used to help little girls’ bangs be neat. In addition, it can be mixed with distinct garbs and considered as a stylish fashion accessory.    

hair accessories
Pink smocked hair band


One of the most popular hair accessories for baby girls is hairpin. To little girls, tiny hairpin is the accessory that helps them to be cuter and prettier as well as embellishes for their thin hair. To older girls, mothers can separate their thick hair into 2 parts and set the hairpin on. In the other words, to use this type of baby accessories for baby girls that have much hair, mothers can only separate into small parts. Girls are often really interested in hairpins with flower, bow or cute animal patterns. Mothers can also use hairpin to be a highlight after tying their princesses’ hair.


Girls will also become lovelier and more beautiful with this kind of hair accessories. Nice ribbons are always loved by little girls. They surely show girls’ beauty and cuteness with adorable decorative patterns. Your daughter will be very lovely anytime with colorful ribbons. Ribbon is a wonderful beauty accessory to girls. It is necessary for you to choose the ones that are soft, have good elasticity and fit baby girls’ head.

hair accessories
Colorful grosgrain ribbon girls bow


Another popular accessory to make baby girls pretty is bow. Mothers can comfortably choose the appropriate ones since bow has many kinds for each level of ages and very abundant about color as well as design. Creative bows can help your angel become super adorable and nice.

Hairpin, hair band, bow or ribbon with eye-catching color and design will make girls interested even when they have not been much conscious about taking care of their beauty. Moreover, these accessories for hair can help to complete garments for little girls.

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