Geometric smocking dresses – The timeless beauty

In designing the single style, the focus is on comfort and flexibility. The clothes are designed for the kid lifestyle, making it a priority that the kid can play and explore the world dressed in our design. To this comes the focus on flexible design, where the style can grow with the child. They are shown on the collection of geometric smocking dresses

With skillful hands, artisans create wonderful geometric smocking dress for children with various patterns & fabrics. They bring a timeless & valueless beauty & never out of date.

Cute geometric embroidered girl pink lattice bubble- DR 3024

What a sweet bubble! We love the geometric smocking on this Pink lattice fabric. With lace on top of sleeves, it is suitable for dressing-up daily and also perfect for holidays, parties, holiday, family celebrations…

Graceful smocked dress navy geometric and tiny flowers – DR 3016

This is  a traditional British style for baby girl with  bishop style with geometric and tiny flowery patterns smocked around the neck, angel wing sleeves, back buttons, classic silhouette.

Mystery Geometric embroidered girl dotted dress – DR 3013

This dress is very beautiful & elegant with geometric smocking on the collar & embroidery of flowers. A simple way to dress-up daily, it is also perfect for party season, birthday party, family celebrations, and wedding.

Naive geometric smocked mint dress – DR 2985

In the bright mint tone, the geometric smocked dress brings little girls an elegance and naive beauty with ruffles edge around collar. In a timeless bishop style, the dress is well-tailored, and suitable for dressing-up daily or party.

Geometric embroidery yellow stripe smocked dress – DR 2972

This Beautiful dress is wonderful for the little girl in bishop style with geometric patterns and rose embroidered on smock around the neck, angel sleeves, back buttons


Bellarose geometric dress for little girl – DR 2864

Bellarose geometric dress is perfect for the little girl with rose and pink, red & green geometric patterns on the chest. The traditional style makes this delightful dress effortless for babies and infants.

That is some designs of geometric smocking dress I would like to introduce you. Geometric smocking dress has always Royal & elegant beauty & never out of date. To all different designs, you can visit website: to see.