8 best types of fabric for baby smocked clothing (Part 1)

hand smocked pink christening gown

Choosing fabric for baby smocked clothing always should be put into priority since baby skin belongs to a very sensitive type. Nowadays, fabric materials are available in various postures, but not all of them are suitable with soft skin of baby. Let’s read my sharing below, you also will be able to distinguish some fabric types!

geometric smocked bubble

But firstly, before shopping baby smocked clothing, you should keep some basic knowledge in mind. Baby’s immune system is initially developed and baby skin is soft or delicate. Thus, you should choose fabric materials which are derived from natural, nontoxic, soft against baby’s skin and allow air circulation. Following are some best fabric materials should be on your check list:


It means plain cotton. Surely cotton is the wise choice because it could meet all above demands. This fabric type is often used to make some smocked dresses, such as: bishop smocked dress or Christening gown. With cotton, your infant will feel comfortable and cool in the summer.

hand smocked pink christening gown


High quality cotton corduroy is ideal for some smocked longalls and hand smocked dresses in winter. Corduroy fabric could keep warm well. It is soft, thick but lightweight also. Additionally, in order to preserve corduroy clothing for baby, you should turn inside out before washing or drying.

pumpkin smocked bishop dress

Broad cloth

High quality broadcloth is a great basic fabric for all sorts of children smocked clothing; it is very easy to sew and is available in both 100% cotton and in cotton/ polyester blends. This classic fabric comes in dozens of cheerful colors.  Gingham and seersucker are also perfect for the kid smock 2pcs set.

Blue hand smocked boy pajamas

I have shared with you 3 first types of best fabric material for making baby smocked clothing. Hope that you enjoy my blog. If this article is useful to you, please wait for next part to discover more advantages of other fabrics.

Thank you for reading!

Lacey from Babeeni team.