8 best types of fabric for baby smocked clothing (Part 2)

hand smocked pink christening gown

It is great to have an upcoming member in your house. In addition to preparing morale, you also should prepare baby clothes or baby smocked clothing as well. In the previous part, I shared with you 3 fabric materials: cotton, corduroy and broad cloth. As I promised, I will continue sharing the rests. Let’s discover!

hand smocked pajamas for boy

Terry cloth

Terry cloth is well absorbent; otherwise, it also could keep warm. Terry cloth is so soft that people often use this fabric to make bathrobe for baby. Sometimes, you may see baby smocked bathrobe designed beautifully with smocked pattern on the chest. With this type of fabric, when washing, you could use fabric softener. The bathrobe will be softer and bring the comfortable feelings for baby.

baby bathrobe


Knit fabrics are comfortable and easy to sew. Mother could wear knit fabric for baby in both winter and summer. Knit is cool in summer and warm in winter. So it is chosen to make most of baby smocked clothes, such as: smocked baby onesies, smocked baby grows

white baby grow

Minky, fleece and flannel

These kinds of fabric materials are suitable in making warm garments, baby smocked blanket, mittens or some smocked bonnets. Fleece is easy to sew; minky and flannel are super soft, cozy and come in different patterns too. Sometimes, you could see some pants made of minky fabric also. With minky, flannel and fleece, you do not have to iron before wearing because they have ability of wrinkle resistance.

baby smocked bonnet

In conclusion, you should check fabric materials carefully when purchasing newborn baby smocked clothing since baby’s skin is easy to get rashes or allergies. Now with all above suggestions, you surely have your choice. Hope that my sharing will be useful for you.

Thank you for reading!

Lacey from Babeeni team.