5 tips to teach children to behave with strangers (Part 1)

When kids grow up, parents should teach them to know what is right and wrong and how to behave when meeting a stranger. Today, I will suggest some tips for children to behave with bad guys. Let’s read!

  1. Set up situation

One of the perfect ways to teach children about behaving with stranger is creating some situation in which you are stranger. Set up many different scenarios, such as a stranger asked if your girl wants a lift, or someone says something make your child feel uncomfortable. Teach your child how to determine which situation is bad and if happened, kid must immediately say to parents.

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  1. Note safe and secure places

Another important thing you need to teach toddler is some safety places and reliable people. You should show them the way to police stations, shopping mall, school or relatives houses. Let children know trustworthy people who they can tell about bad guys or inconvenient situations.

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That is 2 first tips to prepare for the bad situation when children meet a bad stranger. Almost people are kind and willing to help your kid, but some of them are not good. So I just share with you to teach kids and give kids a protective approach. Hope you enjoy my article!

Thank you for attention!

Anne from Babeeni team