5 steps to wash baby clothes by hand

Washing your baby clothes by hand is actually a great way to save your baby clothes and extend their lifetime. Today I will introduce you the way to learn how to hand wash complete loads of clothing.

Step one: Sort your baby clothes. Separate out your all-white clothing, your colored clothing, and your darks . Specialty items such as delicate fabrics or particularly dirty articles of clothing should be kept separate and washed individually.

sort baby clothes

Step two: Get your water ready and add your detergent. Different colored fabrics require different washing temperatures as well; white and light colored clothing require hot water, while colors and darks need cooler water.

add detergent

Step three: Soak the clothes and washing. Place a load of your dirty clothes into the tub of hot water. Leave them to soak for 10-15 minutes before returning to rinse them out. There are two primary methods of washing the clothes at this point: you can choose to use your hands and arms to mix them around, or you can use a pole of some sort to stir them from a distance. Either way, work by moving the clothes around in the water to loosen up dirt and grime. Some clothes need a bit more washing care than others. For example, socks, underwear, and dirty work clothes tend to have a bit more dirty buildup that needs cleaning. For these, wash them individually by hand with a dab of extra detergent by rubbing the fabrics against itself


 Step four: Rinse of baby clothes. To get off the soap and dirt that was rinsed into the water, dunk these freshly washed clothes into the second bucket of clean water. Move them around to get as much of the old water off as possible. If there still seems to be a lot of detergent locked into the fibers, rinse them again in a new tub of clean water.


Step five: Remove excess water and hang up baby clothing to dry. It is difficult to hang clothes to dry when they are sopping wet, so try to get out a bit of the excess water before hanging them up. To avoid bleaching by the sun (on any clothes other than whites) turn your clothes inside out first. Then, drape them over the clothesline and pin in place with clothespins. Depending on the temperature and humidity levels outside, your baby smocked clothing will take anywhere from a few hours to 1-2 days to fully dry.