4 notes to choose Halloween clothes for children (Part 2)

In the previous part, I shared with you 2 first tips to choose safe Halloween clothes for children. Do you want to know the rests? Let’s read and hope my article will be useful to you!

Always consider of safe and simple designs

Beside beauty and comfort, parents also should pay attention to whether Halloween kid clothes are safe. Simple design without redundant details and cords, sashes or too large buttons is a good suggestion for kid costume. Because complicated costume may hinder children movement and cause choking hazards when children swallow by accident.

Pumpkin Boo smocked bishop dress
Pretty pumpkin Boo and cat smocked bishop dress

In Halloween night, there are many candles with flame on and inside pumpkin, so you should consider buying flame-retardant children clothes. Children are always curious about the world around, so they may touch and play with the flame. It is a wise choice to protect them from the heat of flame by keeping them away from fire and choosing flame resistant clothes.

Remember to choose right accessories

Besides Halloween smocked clothing, you also can buy some accessories. Now, in the market, accessory comes into various shapes and functions. Your kids may love to wear a witch hat or pirates-hat or some masks. But mother should check accessories carefully. Hat should not be too wide and block the children’s vision. In addition, strap of the hat must make child feel comfortable and not tighten the kid neck.

Halloween accessories
Halloween accessories for children

Another thing for you to consider is mask. Mask is belonged to 2 kinds: plastic mask and paint mask. But in my opinion, safe paint mask is better than plastic mask which restricts vision of kid. If you choose a plastic mask, you should make sure that this mask has large hole around eyes and fit snugly on children’s face.

I have shared with you 4 notes when choosing Halloween clothes and accessories for children. Wish you have a funny Halloween!

Thank you for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team.