4 notes to choose Halloween clothes for children (Part 1)

Halloween is one of the funniest holidays in a year with many exquisite Halloween clothes for children. But parents still should keep some notes to choose a safe and comfortable kid clothing. Let’s read!

Halloween costume should be easily visible

In Halloween night, it is dark and sometimes lightened up by some sparkles from candles. So parents find it difficult to see clearly. Thus visible children clothes are necessary for parents to make sure that children are not out of control.

Pumpkin with witch hat smocked dresses
Beautiful hand smocked dress for Halloween with pumpkin and witch hat hand smocked pattern, short sleeve, lovely ruffle

Some designs of Halloween children clothes are good choices when having a phosphorescent strip on them. People can see your child easily in a dark night. In addition, phosphorescent strips make Halloween costumes more special and unique. Or you also can choose Halloween children clothes with light and contrast colors, such as: white, lime green, orange…And do not forgot to bring a small flashlight.

Comfort always should be the priority

Although Halloween costumes are beautiful and have a lot of decorations, they should make kid feel comfortable when wearing. It also means that mother should buy right size and right fabric material.

Beautiful owl and geometric smocked jon jon
Nice smocked longall for baby boys with owl and geometric smocked pattern on the bodice, buttons on shoulder for easy dressing

Right size: it means that you should buy clothes depending on the weight and height of kid’s body, not age. Because each child has each different growing process, although they are in same age, they do not have the same size. The best Halloween clothes for children are not too loose or too tight. Moreover, you should choose one bigger size in case children grow fast or you want to dress them a layer inside when weather changes.

Pretty pumpkin applique set for baby girls - DR 1999
Girl applique set with pumpkins applique pattern and lime green zigzag on top, orange bows on top and bottom

Baby friendly-fabric: If you want a soft, lightweight and good absorbent fabric, natural fabric will be the first priority for you. They are not only airy but also safe for your baby sensitive skin. Mother can choose cotton, silk or linen for your baby clothing on Halloween.

I have shared with you 2 first notes which you should consider when choosing children clothes for Halloween. Hope you enjoy and wait for next part to read more other useful experiences!

Thank you for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team.