4 extremely dangerous foods for infants

In the process of feeding children, many mothers are often confused about the use of foods to provide for their infants. That main reason has affect to children health. Let’s discover it!

When children aged 6-12 months, a part from breastfeeding, children are ready to receive solid food supplements. However at this stage you should be cautious in establishing the baby food menu, because there are some foods which are not good for your baby’s health. Below is a list of foods that mothers should not feed their children:

1. Honey

Many mothers would be very surprised because up to now, honey has always been considered as a kind of pharmaceutical foods which could cure many diseases. However, for newborn baby, the honey is very dangerous foods for containing a number of spores which can cause food poisoning for children. Meanwhile, your baby’s digestive system is not complete to be able to deal with botulism spores. Hence you should consider using honey when feeding under 1 year old-infants

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2. Peanut

The texture of peanut butter (peanuts) is often very difficult to swallow. Baby can be choked when mothers feeding children. Thus for children of aged from 6-12 months, mothers should not give peanut butter into children’s meals.

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3. Milk

In cow’s milk contains a lot of protein which immature digestive system of children cannot absorb. Therefore at this first period of your angel, if infants are fed cow’s milk, they can be suffered from bloating and indigestion. Cow’s milk also contains a number of different minerals that is harmful to your baby’s kidneys in early development.

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4. Salt

At this time the infant’s body is not strong enough to accept any salt that causes cardiovascular disease, brain, kidney and hypertension to be in danger. So in your child’s diet, mothers should not add salt to food for children.

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That’s all I wish to share about topic of harmful foods for infants. Hope this article is useful.

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