4 Christmas smocked clothing for family photos (Part 2)

Reindeer hand smocked dress for Christmas

Family photo album is a place to store a lot of memories. Dressing up for children is one of preparing parts that make you confused a lot. Continuation of the previous part, I will suggest you 2 more types of exquisite hand smocked clothing for children. Let’s discover!

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Bishop dress

For a traditional outfit, as many other Christmas smocked clothes, bishop dress I suggest for you also has red as main color. It is made of cotton corduroy fabric that is baby-friendly and warm material. In overall, smocked bishop dresses usually hardly have differences between styles. If have, they are only varied in sleeves, such as angel sleeves, short puff sleeves or long sleeves. But on the Xmas occasion, mother should choose the long sleeve ones. There are at least 3 buttons at back for dressing easily and smocked pattern embroidered around the neck. With this type, you could find a legging pant in order to keep your daughter’s legs warm.

Christmas tree and reindeer smocked bishop dress – DR 2016

Reindeer hand smocked dress for Christmas

Feature:  Smocked bishop dress for Christmas with cute Christmas tree and reindeer hand smocked pattern around the neck, short sleeve

Material: Red plain corduroy

Knit dress

Knit is a kind of cotton fabric material that a lot of mother and children love. It allows air circulation, has elasticity and non toxic material. From knit fabric, you could find that there are many smocked garments to choose, such as knit dress or smocked loungewear. Loungewear is worn to jogging around house or sleep. But for this topic, smocked knit dress is more preferred. With medium length of the dress, baby girl will move easily without feeling cumbersome. Moreover, being related to Christmas theme, smocked pattern is a gingerbread house and knit fabric is red and white stripe.

Xmas house smocked knit dress – KN44

Gingerbread knit dress

Feature: Knit smocked dress for baby girls, Xmas small house pattern, ruffles at foot of dresses

Material: Red stripe knit

Along with smocked longalls and bubble, 2 types of dress are the end of my topic about 4 Christmas smocked clothing for family photos. Hope that you enjoy my blog.

Thank you for reading!