4 Christmas smocked clothing for family photos (Part 1)

Gingerbread hand smocked longall

It is time to look for Christmas outfit for children. Now, there is no shortage of exquisite Xmas children clothes in general and smocked clothing in particular in order for your memorable photos. How many kinds you could choose? Today, I will give you more than an answer.


Smocked outfits on Christmas occasion often have red being the main color that almost Christmas outfits employ. But in this year, if you want to create a little difference, you could choose for him a hand smocked longall in light blue with outstanding gingerbread smocked pattern. The fabric material here is named as blue gingham that derives from organic cotton resources. Smocked pattern is made meticulously and inserted on the bodice of garment. There is always buttons on the shoulders and snaps at crotch for easily dressing. With cold atmosphere in winter, mother also could wear a T-shirt inside for baby boy. It not only keeps him warm, but creates elegant appearance as well.

House and gingerbread smocked boy longalls for Christmas – BC 562

Gingerbread hand smocked longall

Feature:  Nice smocked longall for baby boys with house and gingerbread smocked pattern on the bodice, buttons on shoulder for easy dressing

Material: Blue gingham


If you want your kid to take part in the Xmas theme, red smocked bubble with Santa Claus and gift pattern is a suitable choice. It has various sizes from 3 months to 2 years old. For tiniest ones in the family, since this baby smocked clothing is made of 100% cotton and has smocked pattern embroidered around the neck, your baby will be comfortable and adorable. In addition, you will feel convenient with secure snaps at crotch; it is designed for you to change diaper easily.

Santa Claus and gifts smocked bubble DR 1406

Christmas long bubble for baby in red

Feature:   Smocked bubble for baby girls on Xmas day with Santa claus and gifts hand embroidered pattern around the neck, elastic long sleeves

Material:  Red plain

With 2 types of above hand smocked clothing, you could both dress up for family photos and dress down for play time. There are still 2 other types for baby girl I will share with you in next part. Please stay tune!

Thank you for reading!