3 things father should tell children everyday

Do you believe in this world there are some simple words can create magical things that consolidates love between father and children? Today, I’ll suggest you some sentences below:

I love you

Love is one of the plentiful sources of energy. Love in the family makes your childmature and strong. When you say “I love you” everyday to your little child, the effect can’t reduce. You should tell him how much you love them and talk every day, even several times a day.


Have you got any plan today?

This question is not just to know the answer, but also express concern. It has a great significance for children in expressing a lot of interest in what they do. Moreover, you let children know you’re ready to spend time listening and sharing with them.  “This is my work plan today. I have three important meetings. Have you got any plan today?”. When they are listened these words, it would make the child feel like “adult”.


I am very proud of being your father

Your child needs to know how you feel about your job as parents and your child. Sometimes, commendations which are released from parents, is better than from others. You should express your happiness and feeling about how much you are proud of your child. Keep the relationship between all members in a family by sharing feelings and do not hesitate to confess love, pride in front of your children.


That’s all I want to share with you. Hope you enjoy and happy!
Thanks for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team.