3 biggest mistakes in educating children

It will be surely a big happiness if your kid becomes smart and sympathetic. That is a dream of many parents in over the world. A lot of parents often involve in 3 biggest mistakes led to ‘crisis’ in children’s education process. Let’s explore now!


  1. Do not spend a lot of time for children

Nowadays, with the rhythm of modern life, people become busier and busier. Parents do not have time for their child. So teaching children almost depends on teachers from school. In addition to the knowledge learned from the class, they still need to learn how to become known thanks, said sorry, as well as the field prepared to face the difficulties encountered in the life.

From kindergarten to primary school, this is a significant time of change and environmental psychology for kids to form a solid foundation of character and dignity.


  1. Do not set disciplines

Many parents do not know how to build the principles so that they choose to “do nothing”.  That is a very serious problem. Children need to be taught about what can be done and what must not be done, as well as how to behave, communicate with other people. If your child is not aware of consequences, he will not know what he made mistake. At that time, you should talk to him and show him faults he made gently and respectfully.


  1. Do not teach children about self-independence

Many parents would be willing to help children when they are in trouble in every situation. Let children figure out how to solve those difficulties alone. That makes him enrich more knowledge, have more life-skills so as to confidently face with other challenges. If they do not have ability to work independently, they will gradually lose the ability of mature.

Family cooking in kitchen

So your child can start with small housework such as: bathing, washing vegetables, preparing food…

Teaching him to be strong and know everything, do not mean you don’t love him on the contrary, you want to prepare him as much as knowledge you can so that you loves your kid very much.

Thank you for your attention!

Anne from Babeeni team.